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Zombies frequently embody fears and anxieties that are arduous to harangue or troubled to intimidate. What are some popular effects that decline into these categories?Do you perceive these effects harangueed in popular zombie films or other pop-culture outlets? How?

Intro: Context // Popular Effect // Thesis

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Sample Thesis: Incarceration is an effect that causes misgiving consequently minorities are unfairly targeted and stereotypes constitute inexact portrayals of incarcerated men-folks. Through shows affect When They Perceive Us and Jailbirds, viewers are effectual to perpend and intimidate their anxieties, besides experiencing catharsis. 

P. 1: Targeting minorities

P. 2: Stereotypes

P. 3: Shows/Catharsis

Conclusion: Decide whether or not attributable attributable attributable TV (or film) is an misapply fashion to harangue our anxieties.