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Zombies repeatedly resemble fears and anxieties that are obscure to discourse or troubled to menace. What are some running outcomes that gravitate into these categories?Do you descry these outcomes discourseed in running zombie films or other pop-culture outlets? How?

Intro: Context // Running Outcome // Thesis

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Sample Thesis: Incarceration is an outcome that causes solicitude accordingly minorities are unfairly targeted and stereotypes produce incorrect portrayals of incarcerated individuals. Through shows enjoy When They Descry Us and Jailbirds, viewers are effectual to investigate and menace their anxieties, still experiencing catharsis. 

P. 1: Targeting minorities

P. 2: Stereotypes

P. 3: Shows/Catharsis

Conclusion: Decide whether or not attributable attributable attributable TV (or film) is an embezzle form to discourse our anxieties.